Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Titanium wheels in the Dr. Performance Turbo turn up real good. With a load, and hard accelleration, it will boost up to 29 psi. The exhaust temp. really climbs fast doing this, so I only use it hard when a Ford tries to pass me going up a hill . 252,000 miles, and the Cummins is still running hard.

This little dirt track winds around through a corn field and a pumpkin patch. Every weekend they have lawn mower races here. October will end the season. The big Finals are coming up next week end. The locals take these races very seriously! . The track is at the Dillard Farms, near Roseburg, Oregon.

Saturday morning. This is where we spent the night, in our secluded area off Hwy 42. The zoom makes this look near, but it's probably a mile across Sandy Creek to this cabin on the hill. The wood fire is taking the morning chill off, and maybe warming up the oven for the bisquits. It's another nice morning in Oregon.

The Girls returning from their morning hunt. They have been out chasing bears, etc.

It's almost dark. The mist is starting to come up the Coquille River, all the way from the Ocean. It's very peaceful out here in the woods where we are spending the night.

Inside the Travel Supreme. Pat is working on dinner. The generator is running silently in the background (can't hear it from inside) and we have the NASCAR Martinsburg qualifying runs on the TV. A nice homey evening out in the Oregon wilderness! Sure beats a tent and bag on the ground....Julie has the double recliners all to her self. (since I just got up)

This is a sort of secluded place near the old Sandy Creek covered bridge. The town or Remote used to be near by, but there isn't a business there anymore since the store closed a few years ago. This is where I stopped to pick berries last spring when I was on the bike. We're goint to set up and spend the night here.

Our little bundles of joy, Rosie and Julie. Rose is 9, and the baby is 7. Good for nothing except providing entertainment and lots of hugs.

This is a place for pets! They even have a bakery here that makes treats and good dog food. They will give your dog a bath, or you can do it yourself. Lots of pet supplies too! We bought some goodies for the "girls".

We're in Schroder Park, a nice little county park near Grants Pass, OR, my home town. The Rogue River is right over the hill behind us, about 75 yards or so. Squirrels and birds are all over, there is a big acorn crop this year. It's almost sun down now, we're going to get settled in for the night. There are no other campers here, only the camp host, and we haven't seen them.

The wind is out of the SW, but no rain is in the forecast. Sunshine and 75 degrees is what we expect for the rest of the week.

Kansas doesnt' have much on Oregon! The fields were ringed with these sunflowers. It's time now to cut the seed heads off and dry them.

They have hundreds of pumpkins. They are good for pies, but most of these will probably be Jack o Lanterns by next week.

These banana squash are pretty good size. There are Squash of all sizes and shapes in bins inside the building.

OK, this is the last picture of the Dahlias!

Took about 20 flower pictures, I'll only post 3. They are just so beautiful! The Dahlia patch is just a blast of color.

Most of the crops have been harvested. There were a few strawberries left, and of course all the squash and pumkins you would ever want. 5 or 6 bins full of squash I've never seen! I've never picked a pickle either. Maybe cucumbers, but not pickles!

This Dahlia measures a full 8", and is just beautiful. They have a large flower garden at the Dillard Farms where you can buy cut flowers or seeds and bulbs. The Dahlias are in full bloom right now.

The "Other" Kwik Kamp. We are on our way to Grants Pass, OR to have the Gear Vendor changed in the pickup. Wednesday, Oct 19th. It's a beautiful Fall Day. Stopped here in Dillard to buy some fruit and vegetables, and to check on the walnut crop.

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